We are MUSE Global

MUSE’s story began in 2005. As a dedicated environmental activist, mother of five, and author, Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron, yearned for an educational experience for her younger children that nurtured their passions and celebrated them as individuals on a green, sustainable campus.

In order to realize her dream,

Suzy reached out to her sister, Rebecca Amis, for help. Having created child-centered schools in the Midwest, Rebecca was a perfect partner, with advanced degrees in child development and psychology as well as extensive experience teaching at the college level. Together, the Amis sisters created MUSE – a school designed to focus on the student, the community and the planet.

MUSE began modestly with 11 kindergarten and first grade students in a small, child-centered environment located at a one-room schoolhouse nestled in Las Flores Canyon. Despite its size, MUSE drew national and worldwide recognition for its innovative approach to education.

Over a decade later,

under direction of Head of School Jeff King MUSE has grown to two thriving campuses in Malibu Canyon, expanding its mission to high school students. MUSE proudly continues to kindle each child’s unique spark, fostering graduates who become bold leaders engaged with the world around them.

And now, 13 years later, MUSE Global is born. MUSE Global will embody everything that the original MUSE School CA has to offer. And here’s what we want: we want like-minded people who want to join the MUSE Schools’ bandwagon to inspire and prepare people to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet.

Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron

When James & Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis pioneered MUSE School, it was a modest concept that has since evolved into MUSE Global.

Through our expansion efforts and with science and success backing us, MUSE Global will allow their vision to positively impact people all over the world.
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